ENI Releases new Mushrooms-Plus product line

Sales of mushroom supplements have increased from 25% – 60% each year over the last three years [1]. To make a wider selection of premium mushroom supplements available to their customers, ENI has released their new MUSHROOMS-PLUS™ product line. These products contain organic mushroom extracts, with key ingredients that add to their consumer appeal and effectiveness. All the extracts are supplied by Nammex, and are standardized for Beta-D-Glucans levels.

Key products in the line are ReiCalm™, that combines Red Reishi extract with ENI’s AlphaWave® L-Theanine, and Ergothioneine-Plus, with Ergothioneine and Shitake mushroom extract.

Organic Mushroom Banner

For more information please go to MUSHROOMS-PLUS and ReiCalm™

[1] 2022 NBJ Herbs and Botanicals Report.