Special Supplement Manufacturing Services

ENI provides premium encapsulation and bottling services with all quality assurance procedures certified to comply with NSF/ANSI 173, Section 8 that includes FSMA and cGMP (21 CFR-111), (21 117). With our full-scope sourcing, testing and manufacturing capabilities we commit to:

  • Help you satisfy today’s ever-increasing regulatory and consumer affairs requirements
  • Guarantee product safety from Field to Finished Product®
  • Offer significant economies in raw material supply, R & D, and finished product processing

ENI’s special encapsulation and packaging services go beyond the goals of traditional contract manufacturing: we bring you the next generation of innovative formula opportunities along with other key advantages in working with us. A few of these include:

The Creative Advantage

Our R & D and team have worked with the industry’s largest brands to create successful products. Now, with our access to key proprietary ingredients, we’re here to help you to build your dream.

The Economy Advantage

We believe you shouldn’t have to choose between quality and economy. Our vertical integration results in savings that we can pass on to you. We help you build your dream product line at costs you can afford.

The Service Advantage

An experienced R & D, understanding of your clean label requirements, and our excellent on-time delivery record, allow us to bring you a premium experience from concept – to your market ready product.

The Quality Advantage

Raw material, testing lab and manufacturing services all operate under our NSF registered program. This means that every aspect of your supply chain is fully audited, and your ingredients tested in the USA to meet these high cGMP standards.

Manufactured in our
solar powered facility

Call us today for globally trending solutions in:

• Vegetarian Joint Care
• Comprehensive Bone Health
• Premium UTH Support
• Stress Management
• Immune Health
• Cardiovascular Strength

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What some companies say about our manufacturing services

‘ENI went beyond ordinary contract manufacturing to build innovation and excellence into our line with key branded ingredients, formulation expertise, and world class testing.’ 

CEO, her vital way

‘My company, Arches Natural Products, Inc. has been working with Ethical Naturals, Inc. since 2010 in developing and manufacturing our products.’

‘We dealt with a number of previous manufacturers and had numerous problems with most of them. Since moving to Ethical Naturals we have had an exemplar experience. They have provided us with expert services, designing custom products, and providing all our manufacturing needs. They have guided us through cGMP compliance issues and given us outstanding customer service.’ 

President, Arches Natural Products, Inc.