Polyphenol-C™ – Non-GMO Vitamin-C with Berry Polyphenols


Polyphenol-CTM: a new premium vitamin-C provides wide-spectrum berry polyphenols for enhanced immune support.

Non-GMO Vitamin-C with polyphenols: the colors of health
Nature delivers vitamin-C to us in the colorful packages of fruits and berries. The deep purples, blues and reds comprise the polyphenol components of these fruits: anthocyanins, proanthocyanidins, bioflavonoids and others.

These compounds enhance the role of vitamin-C, and are the most abundant source of antioxidants in our diets. Anthocyanins are the primary active forms found in fresh berries such as blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and strawberries. These compounds also play important roles as immune enhancers, in anti-inflammatory activity, cardiovascular support and many other health functions [1].

These important, natural co-factors however are generally not present in most vitamin-C products now available to the health-oriented consumer. Polyphenol-C™, a new premium vitamin-C for today, now also provides a wide spectrum of fruit and berry polyphenols with non-GMO vitamin-C.

A unique synthesis of natural ingredients
The new Polyphenol-C™ product is the result of years of work by the ENI team, into the sources and analysis of polyphenols. This includes the development of VinCare®, ENI’s patented whole grape extract. Vincare® was the subject of a clinical trial published in The Journal of Functional Foods that demonstrated its’ beneficial role in improved antioxidant status and cardiovascular support [2]. Vincare® is a primary source of polyphenols in Polyphenol-C™. Other studies have pointed directly to the immunomlodulating effects of grape polyphenols [3].

Polyphenol-C™ also contains Cranberex®, a highly concentrated cranberry extract containing cranberry’s unique A-Type proanthocyanidins [4]. Cranberex® was also the subject of a study at Rutgers University, showing its high level of beneficial activity. Other polyphenols in Polyphenol-C are sourced from blueberry, blackberry, raspberry and strawberry.

Today, and into the future, people are looking for premium immune and health support products that bring them the full spectrum of nature. Polyphenol-C developed over years of developing and testing unique ingredient sources provides just that.

Each gram of Polyphenol-C contains: 600mg of Non-GMO vitamin-C and 400mg of fruit extracts/concentrates standardized to 25% polyphenols (100mg total polyphenols), including:

Vitamin-C (non-GMO, IP Certified)
VinCare® Whole Grape Extract (whole fruit of Vitis vinifera),
Blueberry Extract (whole fruit of Vaccinium myrtillus),
Cranberex® Cranberry Extract (whole fruit of Vaccinium macrocarpon),
Blackberry Concentrate (whole fruit of Rubus laciniatus, armeniacus, ursinus, & fruticosus),
Raspberry Concentrate (whole fruit of Rubus idaeus and/or Rubus stringosus),
Strawberry Concentrate (whole fruit of Fragaria virginiana)

Polyphenol-C is now available in powder, or manufactured into vegetable capsules. Please call us for complete specifications.


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