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ENI supplies three concentrations of resveratrol exclusively from Polygonum cuspidatum root:

ResveraTrue™ 98% trans-resveratrolProduct code: E-R98-13
50% trans-resveratrolProduct code: E-R50-04
10% trans-resveratrol (water soluble)Product code: E-RWS-22

Resveratrol is a naturally occurring phytochemical classified as a polyphenol. It is present in over 70 species of plants, including Polygonum cuspidatum, grapes, and other herbs. Resveratrol exists in two forms, cis- and trans-. Although both compounds often exist in combination, the trans- form is more biologically active, and is the one most cited in the literature. All ENI resveratrol ingredients are standardized for the trans- form.

Our proprietary ResveraTrue™ product offers some unique and standout advantages in the field of resveratrol choices:

  • It allows for higher potency delivery in capsules (up to 600mg in a ‘00’ capsule).
  • Its free of the characteristically strong taste of Polygonum root extracts.
  • The white to off-white color offers advantages and convenience in many supplement, pharmaceutical and food/beverage applications.
  • Also available in high-density granular form for easy encapsulation.

All ENI botanical extracts are tested for identity, potency and purity through our NSF registered laboratory and ProfileProven® testing program.

ENI resveratrol is also available as a component in our ResVinol® product, combined with red wine polyphenols.