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With TGA Approval AlphaWave® is now the only source of L-Theanine approved for supplement use in Australia

AlphaWave® L-Theanine is widely used in the US where it is one of the most popular ingredients for stress-relief in both supplements and beverages. However, no source of L-Theanine has been permitted for use in Australia until AlphaWave® received approval…
Cal Bewicke on botanical supply chain quality

ENI’s Cal Bewicke on botanical supply chain quality: “We consider ourselves gatekeepers’

Cal Bewicke was interviewed by Stephen Daniels at SupplySide West and they discussed current pressures on the botanical supply chain, the benefits of real US testing on materials, and the effects of climate change on high value botanical ingredients.
Ginkgo Leaf

ABC Ginkgo Adulteration Report

Adulteration of Ginkgo biloba Leaf Extract By Stefan Gafner, PhD*American Botanical Council, 6200 Manor Road,Austin, TX 78723*Corresponding author: email Keywords: adulterant, adulteration, Ginkgo biloba,ginkgo leaf extract, Japanese pagoda tree, Japanesesophora, kaempferol, quercetin, rutin, Sophora japonica,Styphnolobium japonicum Goal: The goal of…

New clinical study with AlphaWave® L- Theanine confirms stress reduction in healthy adults example

A new triple blind, placebo controlled clinical study, published in Neurology and Therapy finds that AlphaWave® increases frontal alpha power, an indication of relaxation without drowsiness, in addition to other objective markers of reduced stress and tension. This is the…

Polyphenol-C™: a new premium vitamin-C provides wide-spectrum berry polyphenols for enhanced immune support

It’s been known for centuries that eating fruits prevented scurvy, but it wasn’t until 1930 Albert Szent-Gyorzi was awarded the Nobel Prize for discovering the identity of the vitamin-C molecule. The name given to it, ‘ascorbic acid’ literally means ‘anti-scurvy’.

VinCare Clinical Study: Whole Grape Extract Supports Healthy Cholesterol and Cardiovascular Health

Grape extracts growing popularity Grape extracts of all kinds: skin, seed and whole grape are reaching a new level of popularity with supplement buying consumers. This may be because we’re dealing with the new lifestyle challenges of today, when the…