GreenGrown® – Vegetable Glucosamine

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The premium joint care ingredient for the growing vegan and vegetarian market


Glucosamine has been a key ingredient in US joint care supplements for over two decades. Today, import volumes total 7,000 – 10,000 tons per year for human and animal supplement usage.

Most of this glucosamine is manufactured from the residue of Asian shellfish production. However this traditional source now creates a number of significant health and environmental problems, including extreme water pollution caused by the widespread use of toxic pesticides and veterinary drugs mixed into fish feeds.

Additionally, the process of deriving glucosamine from shellfish creates high levels of toxic waste materials.

GreenGrown® Vegetable Source Glucosamine Provides A Clean,
Environmentally Friendly Alternative To Shellfish Derived Material

The Process: Non-GMO fermentation

GreenGrown® is produced by a process of fermentation that uses ingredients derived from Non-GMO corn. The process of refinement is environmentally clean, in an audited facility, and Eurofins International certifies Non-GMO status.

Our process for manufacturing GreenGrown® was developed and patented in the US, and is now protected by 21 patents in 12 countries.

The growing vegetarian demand

Today in the U.S., 35% of supplement users say that a vegetarian source is important when choosing a supplement. Also, these vegetarian-aware consumers tend to buy 3 times more supplements than other shoppers, and their purchasing patterns demonstrate brand loyalty. GreenGrown® speaks to this loyal customer base.

Patented testing guarantees vegetable source

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Traditional testing methods, such as HPLC, cannot distinguish between glucosamine derived from shellfish or vegetable source materials, so ENI developed and patented an Isotopic Signature Carbon Tracing (ISCT) method that is able to detect the difference.

This method enables us to guarantee that our product is of vegetable origin. This is important now when both vegetable and shellfish material may go through final processing in the same facilities. This guarantee is particularly important to those who may follow vegetarian or kosher diets, or who have allergies to shellfish.

GreenGrown® Is The Only Vegetable Source Glucosamine That Brings The Following Guarantees To Your Valued Customers:
• Vegetable source tested and guaranteed by patented Isotopic Carbon Signature Tracing method
• Highest USP grade, tested through ENI’s NSF Certified QA program
• Certified Non-GMO by Eurofins International
• Produced by fermentation processes protected by 21 patents in 12 countries

GreenGrown® is available in four specifications, ideal for encapsulation or tableting:

  • USP Glucosamine Sulfate (powder)
  • USP Glucosamine Hydrochloride (powder)
  • USP Glucosamine Sulfate (DC- granular)
  • USP Glucosamine Hydrochloride (DC – granular)