LOHAN-50 ™ – Monk Fruit Extract Sweetener

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Purely Sweet

LOHAN-50 is the new wave, the next step forward in natural sweeteners. Extracted from Monk Fruit, LOHAN-50™ has a purely sweet taste, with none of the astringent, pungent or bitter aftertastes often associated with monk fruit extract sweeteners. Also with its pure white color, LOHAN-50™ dissolves rapidly into a clear, colorless solution.

No Bitter Taste

Along with its ultra-sweet taste, fresh monk fruit presents a range of bitter and astringent flavor notes. These carry over and are usually detectable in the extracts that are used today as sweeteners. Often these off-flavors result in product formulation problems, or limit the level of natural sweetener that can be used.

Natural Manufacturing

Our 20 years of experience in manufacturing and purifying pharmaceutical grade botanical extracts has enabled us to develop a process that naturally removes the bitter and off-color compounds in our LOHAN-50™ – Monk Fruit Extract Natural Sweetener. The result is a product you have to taste to believe.

Take the Taste Test
Try a sample of our purified LOHAN-50™ side-by-side with your current product – you’ll taste the difference

Compare Prices

Our ability to buy and process fresh fruit in the most efficient way, allows us to supply purified LOHAN-50 at prices that are as good as the taste: they compare very favorable with other brands. Please contact us for a quote.

Monk Fruit and Good Health

Modern studies show that Luohan Guo is a one-of-a-kind sweetener: the active compound Mogroside V is more than 300 times sweeter than sugar, and contains no calories. Traditionally this fruit has been used to support good health in diabetics, and for its other tonic and skin care properties.

 *The above statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or mitigate and disease.   

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