ENI’s GreenGrown® Vegetable Source Glucosamine now protected by 21 patents in 12 countries!

Now 21 patents cover manufacturing and identity testing of ENI’s GreenGrown® material in the U.S., China, Germany, France, UK, Netherlands, Japan, Mexico, Australia, Brazil, Canada and Korea. In addition to covering manufacturing by fermentation, ENI has developed a method to discern shellfish-based from vegetable-based glucosamine. Their new Isotopic Signature Carbon Tracing (ISCT) method differentiates between the molecules from either source, though they are virtually identical. As the popularity of vegan and vegetarian supplements grows, this identity and quality assurance step becomes more important. “Today, manufacturers are often attempting to produce glucosamine by fermentation in the same facilities used for shellfish-based material, and intentional or unintentional adulteration can occur,” says Cal Bewicke, CEO of ENI. “That’s why every batch of our material is tested through the ISTC method to guarantee the 100% vegetable source.” Great news for vegans and vegetarians alike!