Cranberry Excellence

Author: Cal Bewicke

Well, Cranberry continues to gain attention in the news as the #2 most popular botanical in the country. Very good to see the new ABC Botanical Adulteration Program report on Cranberry, that also addressed the great variability in Cranberry supplement products today; many that are made only from simple juice concentrates or left over ‘press cake’! The report also talks about recent developments in quality and differentiation using analysis by the BL-DMAC method, that best quantifies the active ‘A-linked’ PAC’s. If anyone would like a copy of the Cranberry Report, please contact, and we’ll send it over. It’s a very interesting read.

So, this is one more confirmation of the quality built into our Cranberex™, Oregon Cranberry Extract; a 200X concentration of the whole fruit, tested by BL-DMAC to contain 15% A-linked PAC’s. We use Oregon cranberry because the cool micro-climate of the coastal area produces dark red cranberries that are particularly rich in the valuable PAC’s.

My guess is that life on the Oregon Coast now is wet and windy. But being a part of the cranberry harvest in Bandon, Oregon is a special experience, and we’ll be up there for harvest again later in the year (when I expect the weather may be about the same!).