ENI PhytoReport on Ginkgo Biloba Adulteration and Prevention

PhytoReport #4

Ginkgo Adulteration & Identification


Ginkgo biloba is the oldest living tree species on earth, dating back to the Paleozoic period, over 225 million years ago. The medicinal use of ginkgo leaf is first mentioned in Chinese medicine in the Ming dynasty, in 1436 [1].

In the present day, standardized Ginkgo biloba extract (GBE) has been one of the most popular and respected herbal remedies on both sides of the Atlantic for over 25 years. Ginkgo is also one of the most widely tested phytomedicines, and has been the subject of over 120 clinical studies, for cerebral insufficiency, dementia, and peripheral vascular disease.

[1] 2012 Ethical Naturals Inc.